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This Agreement is made between  Locations Photography and

The League and Locations Photography (referred as the "Photographer") hereby agree to the following terms:

• For the duration of this agreement, the Photographer shall have the exclusive right to photograph league participants and events. This exclusive right includes, but is not limited to, the creation, offering for sale and distribution of action photographs of league events and group or individual portraits of coaches, players, or teams participating in the league. The League shall take all reasonable steps to ensure this exclusivity.

• The League agrees to obtain model releases from each parent which will indemnify the photographer and the studio from claims arising out of the performance of this agreement.


The Photographer and the League agree to the following licensing terms:

1. The Photographer retains all rights to each image. The Photographer also retains all rights not expressed in this agreement including advertising rights.

2. The League may not transfer this license to other parties without written permission from the Photographer.

3. The League agrees that altering images is prohibited without receiving written permission from the Photographer.


• The League agrees to provide the Photographer’s contact information to all persons requesting reprint permission of photographs created for the League as follows:

Locations Photography 3300 Joyce Dr. Fort Worth Texas  76116, 817-870-2200, Tammy@locationsphotography.com, www.locationsphotography.com

• The League shall arrange team and individual photographs with each team and provide the photographer with the schedule. The Photographer will send confirmation via writing to the League Director.

• The League agrees to provide The Photographer with rosters (Including, but not limited to, Athletes' First and Last names, ages, Official Team Name and Coaches)

• The League shall designate an area for the Photographer to capture and sell photography products.  The League shall provide convenient access to electricity.

• The League agrees to provide the photographer notice, within reasonable time, of any cancellation of a league event in writing.


This contract is for one  year from date of agreement
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